Tuesday, November 4, 2014

secularism does not mean patronising or siding with any religion but being strict with all religion

All benefits to all religions must be taken off and actions on defaulters must be taken as per law. Some one must file RTI and collect info of all religious places misusing land, power, water doing illegal construction. That will mean true secularism.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gujju Ambani's give one more most modern hospital to Mumbai

True minority Gujjus, Jains, Sindhis, Rajasthanis, Christians have given so many schools, colleges, hospitals to Mumbai and India that we cant count. And majority, Muslims, UPians, Biharis have only exploited Mumbai and government and charitable facilities. I call upon 30 lacs Muslims, and 40 lacs from UP and Bihar  living in Mumbai to form a trust and give one rupee per day and come up with similar facilities.And before u condemn Hindus/ Marwaris/ Gujaratis etc  pl. take a look how many of their facilities u r exploiting.


Let Aamir enthuse Muslims to come out for modernisation

True Aamir has not shown ills in Muslims. Muslims are poor because they have many more then two children. They r so careless that their children join ISIS like organisation but they do not know. Their basti are very dirty and they do not want to do social work and beautify their own locality. They are far behind in philanthropy and starting charitable institute. In Mumbai Jains are less then 1 lac but own hundreds of charitable institutes ( and most beneficiaries are Muslims, UPians , Bihari ) and Muslims ka are 30 lacs but they can not name even 30 good institutions in Mumbai. So they want all free ke and Aamir shields them.

Let Aamir enthuse Muslims to come out for modernisation, for contributing more for poor Muslims and ask them to have less children but educate them give them quality of life instead of giving quantity .

There r many many good Muslim. If the focus of leaders of their samaj is changed to developing and educating their youth, teach them living lawfully and become useful to their own poor brothers and sisters by founding educational and medical institutes then lot will change. But they are putting them selves behind Dawood, Owaisis and such and then there is a rift and they feel they r in minority and develop complex and then produce uncontrolled children who take to weapons and violence.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

AAP duplicating Congress stunts

Arvind Kejriwal added 3 new photos.
After our women, Youths & students' wing, AAP minority cell is launched to include all communities and sections of our society in our party.
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  • Surendera M. Bhanot AN AAP ANNOUNCEMENT
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  • Alok Tholiya shocking. There was no need of following the ways of congress. Will AAP b ever able to work for family planning ?????? And breeding unplanned any no. of children are the curse to nation. And Jains, Parsi , sikh etc are the minority and Hindu and Muslim are the majority.
  • Alok Tholiya

Blaming Congress for all own sins and lack of vision and lack of concern.

yeh sab sonia gandhi/congress aur UPA ke dum pe bhokte hain
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  • Anil Kumar Jain narendera modi ji iska bhi ilaj kariyeSee Translation
  • Alok Tholiya Anil ji, Why u blame congress. U had means v had vote power , other options but v go for cards party on elections day. And Muslims, UPinans , Bihari, criminals, hotelier, mafia, land grabbers go for elections and then they run the govt they have elected. Even now there is some opportunity to wake up and demand family planning but which has to be for all and not just one religious group. Besides no illegal migrants be allowed in Bharat. But selfish, narrow minded Indians will b more interested in cricket and filmdom and not in independence. So Bharat will be Islamic country by 2014.
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  • Alok Tholiya For foolishness of Hindu saints who never united and asked for Hindu rashtra, family planning, stopping illegal migration u cant blame Sonia. These saints hv 60 yrs made money and never cared to save Bharat.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Can Shivsena or Mumbai BJP can show one single landmark project worth visiting, or any civic development at par with world?

Dubai has a very open minded ( except is not secular) , dynamic and progressive leader The Prince of Dubai. He has given best of law and order, best of infra, best of tourism, best of health and best of economy. Hats of to them. And compare what BJP and SS has given to Mumbai. At Least NAMO cud take Chinese head to Sabarmati but Udhava ji has no place in Mumbai which he can or his BMC ruled by SS can take even a third world country visitor proudly.

Behind scams, mafia, drug peddling etc there is one top police, bureaucrat or courts or neta

Behind scams, mafia, drug peddling etc there is one top police, bureaucrat or courts or neta. U cant save ur skin where u do a small mistake but then gross criminals and law breakers survive and thrive . How? Behind every successful Ambani, adani, Dawood, Bhai, smugglers, mafia, land grabber there is one who's who. CBI is behind many successes of scams and scamsters have thrived.