Saturday, July 26, 2014

Criminal fed police and judiciary will never act. And Indian citizens will always vote for immoral,

Fool Indian voters vote for such goondas, mavalies, criminals. If honest humble like members of AAP stand then they are voted out. If u make goondas ur leaders, ur saint, ur police, ur minister then u will always be beaten up like this, rapes and dacoities and black mailing will continue. Even this boy must have voted to a goonda and then u hv it. These ppl are encouraged by communal fanatics, by police , by PP and by courts. So this will go on. With all this evidence have all these 5 assaulters been arrested ???? Criminal fed police and judiciary will never act.
Toll booth operator beaten up for demanding toll from the
President of KRV (Karnataka Rakshana Vedike) in Chitradurga, India.

Courtesy: NEWS9
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I hv fought at every single opportunity all unjust and and attempt to enslave by present bureaucrats and system.

I hv fought at every single call, every single opportunity all unjust and show down and attempt to enslave by present bureaucrats and system. Hundreds of my work has suffered but I hv never allowed myself to loose my dignity and principles. I may hv been less successful in this materialistic world but avoided chaplusi ( licking), and never failed to raise voice where ever necessary. I hv good number of foes and enemies and frustrated gang of professionals police, bureaucrats. be it . I believe one God and right action is more then a majority. I shall follow same path whole life.
Photo: The Mind Unleashed
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Every lady wearing less is not less in character

Never Judge People By Their Appearance! How true. Every one wearing Khadi is not having principles of Gandhiji but they r often corrupt selfish leaders. Every lady wearing less is not less in character and sometime religious looking lady in parda may be suffering with nymphmania / sexoholic. An arrogant staff may be honest and soft and licking staff may be harmful. All saint looking and giving good pravachan/ lecture sadhus may not be following path they preach and Ravan was 1000 times more principled his life time then many religious heads we see present times. Many police in uniform may hv heart of criminal , many friends may be only in party but not when u need ........and expend the idea. Above clip is very good as lesson. Person touching your feet may be waiting to stab you one day and u may think he is your most trusted friend or relative. 
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

China can dump and quality product with any type of pin.....must read as u face daily hassle

Plugs and multi plugs and universal plugs and flat pin and round pin and so on.......Eastern countries have one standard, western have another known as CE ( . That means even smaller countries have created standards for electrical / electronic appliances. That India though gigantic but ruled by Idiots and citizens callous have no standard. So anyone specially China can dump and quality and u buy and then cry. Even we don't have simple standard for 2 pin and 3 pin plugs and sockets. So every next product you buy has different kind of pin and that does not suit well and then u rush for multiplug. Some try to bend pin and others use pencil or screw driver to insert electric pin in sockets. My request to our govt is that official import of electrical goods must have a particular standard and specially they must have one type of pin be it mobile charger, shaver, cordless, TV or anything they must be suitable to sockets at all our places be it home, hotel, train or else where. Today millions of multi plugs are sold only because there is no prescribed type of pins by govt of India. Many times our chargers are loose and do not fit properly and keep falling or do not charge and we have to do jugglery with pins and sockets. On switch board where u need one or two sockets you go for variety as u never know which appliance will require what type of sockets. Hope some one is listening.Pl. all of u circulate this request to central govt one told you this except Alok....

Monday, July 7, 2014

Alok on sick judiciary and looting banks:

Alok on sick judiciary and looting banks: Banks and credit cards cos. make lots of money by over charging and debiting as and when and where ever they like. I have one City bank card. They may have allowed over limit usage which I do not know. Over limit usage is only Rs 1800/- . But since as per them it has exceeded limit so they have debited me by Rs 500/- . now since I hv opted for ECS they will directly recover that amount. Finance ministry has allowed banks to loot clients and put levy of charges on everything. Shocking. And the huge funds which they have give against bribe to such borrowers who turn defaulters/ NPA. And as a landlord of rent act building I can not recover more then the rs 30/- per month per room even if tenants grossly misuse and overuse my property. For every redressal I hv to go to small causes court which so so useless that they only give dates for decades. Hiring mafia is not in my culture. Actually mafia raj started because courts can not settle disputes either way.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Give a redevelopment offer for falling buildings and win elections

Suggestion to AAP : Maharashtra assembly elections are approaching fast: Mumbai is ruled by BJP and Shivsena for last 30 years. Not many know and they think only Shivsena is the controller of Mumbai Municipal corporation. First make it public. Then show how world has progressed and Mumbai has not reached anywhere. BJP prouds on development of Modi ji but they hv done no development in Mumbai in 3 decades and made only money. Rather dirt, stink, flood, broken road, occupied footpath, jammed gutter, dirty drinking water, badly maintained garden, schools, hospitals are the order of the day. And most serious and inhuman is falling building issues which all viz. BMC, Govt of Maharashtra and judiciary are party to this grave situation. Less citizens died in attack by enemy in Mumbai then falling buildings. Forget the beauty of city the falling buildings due to Cong in power in MH and SS+ BJP in MCGM/BMC is the reason. Make these facts known. Give a redevelopment offer for falling buildings and brighten the Mumbai. I am sure we can.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Alok ........hanging in open of raped girls says a lot...that do not vote for other then Yadav's

Alok on rape and death and most important the message behind hanging of the girls : These girls seems to hv been done away cause ppl voted out ISI agents yadav's. No One hangs the raped girl or dead bodies. They hide/ bury/ burn them. public hanging means they want to create fright.. It is clear message after one sees these photo and also hear Akhileshs comment. Therefore if immediately CBI ( hope there r some honest guys with them) starts prob then v can see some restraint from lost state govt goons.