Monday, September 1, 2014

Hope bank clients ke bhi acche din ayenge Puri sahab.


My HDFC C.A. no. 13332000000953  

U r not tired of putting uncalled for and unethical  charges and therefore I too am not tired of challenging same. 

Urs is a service industry and u r suppose to give various services to us under one and one account with you. Presently I am talking of my above account .

It is a current account so u do not pay any interest. However u r charging for practically all small small services too. 

I as a insurance agent, as a landlord not able to charge my clients nor able charge my tenants the way u charge unilaterally. 

Finance ministry and RBI and Bankers association and Ombudsman are all ur pitthus/ licking ur feet. As u can bribe or give favours to them. There r thousands of instances where undeserving corporates and builders hv been given crores of rupees loan at the instance of who's who in ministry, RBI, etc which r now NPA's and Indian banking industry is suffering.

Banks r also in bad shape because u hv created 5star type branches and paying very high salaries to even juniors. Our elected representatives, police, courts and many others do not get even 25% of what u pay to ur CEO/ MD and staff while u work limited hours in posh infra and safe environment.

I am surprised that on 17/7 / 14 u hv debited my account for debit card annual fee. Shocking and pure loot. I want u to reverse the same, also hence forth before putting any charges take my written consent. 

Pl. do not penalise honest and small account holders for ur sins of financing NPA's and then not recovering billions from mischievous well connected debtors. 

I ask NAMO to make it mandatory for banks the so called service industry to have there offices in Industrial and cheaper place and not on posh costly areas. Also no need to have costly interiors. Instead banks must be asked to give one S B Account per aadhar card free viz. offer one debit cum ATM card, one credit card, one account , cheque books and statement complimentary lifetime. Similarly against one registerd co. / firm also be given one account complimentary / charges free ( as it is interest, locker  and draft etc will be recovered which r already v. high) . First basic account per person and per business must come with bundle of facilities and free and those wanting second and more account can be charged. 

Hope bank clients ke bhi acche din ayenge Puri sahab. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,
09324225699 /   02226125699/26173203

Marigold The Little Hall, 
​Tholiya Bhavan,
10th rd, Santacruz east,
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

tali do hath se bajti hei ..........

The prem bhav, adjustments, respect to each other religion and feelings , equality, sacrifice , charity etc etc must come from all. By ur living in fools world and denying the risks coming on u still using great words is suicide. Need of the hour is family planning and how many of them follow? Need of the hour is with religion teach modern education and train young for opting good vocation but why most of them r sent for Jihad????? Develop the idea and hv right vision. Kabutar ke aankh band karne se billi nahi jhapategi eisa sochane vale mare jayenge.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

my advice to Teesta Setanvad ......and helping her come out mentally healthy...

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कॉमेंट में किसी भी तरह की अभद्र भाषा का प्रयोग न करें। ध्यान रहे, अपने कॉमेंट के लिए कानूनन आप स्वयं जिम्मेदार हैं। टाइप करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें।
फोटो में हिन्दू देवी मां काली के चेहरे पर आईएसआईएस के आतंकवादी का चेहरा लगाया गया था...
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  • Alok Tholiya Teesta , get well soon. U hv developed Hindu phobia. If there is sin u see that all that is by Hindus. U cant accept that there r sinners specially when they r financier to ppl who attack Hindus ( I am not sure if u r on their pay roll).Pl. go on cut off tour, spiritual discourse, meditation and once u can see right and wrong clearly then come back to raising issues. U r smacking of deplorable lop sided biased thinking due to illness and where even gods who stood for dharma r seen by u as ISIS. While u do not see ISI, ISIS, terrorism any where else. Let me know if u decide for counseling, therapy, attending spiritual discourses etc etc or atleast a vacation on Himalayas. I will suggest so,e good professional and places. And worry not u ll be surely cured and soon if u start caring mental health.

Friday, August 8, 2014

ur debtor, ur advocate and your court loot, delay and harass u .......

Lacs of Cheque bounce cases pending in various courts all over India . section 138 has no provisions of adjournments but Gang of judicial system thrives with cheque bouncers and criminals. Honest suffer at the hands of those not paying and thereafter at the hands of own advocate and courts.

sachin an irresponsible RS member using post as ornamental and for impressing

we hv been criticising politicians left right and center. Now sachin has willingly accepted seat in Rajya Sabha. But is absent. Has not raised any public issue. Why sachin fans are silent? He is a good cricketer so let him teach young cricketers and resign from RS and give the seat to some active person.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Criminal fed police and judiciary will never act. And Indian citizens will always vote for immoral,

Fool Indian voters vote for such goondas, mavalies, criminals. If honest humble like members of AAP stand then they are voted out. If u make goondas ur leaders, ur saint, ur police, ur minister then u will always be beaten up like this, rapes and dacoities and black mailing will continue. Even this boy must have voted to a goonda and then u hv it. These ppl are encouraged by communal fanatics, by police , by PP and by courts. So this will go on. With all this evidence have all these 5 assaulters been arrested ???? Criminal fed police and judiciary will never act.
Toll booth operator beaten up for demanding toll from the
President of KRV (Karnataka Rakshana Vedike) in Chitradurga, India.

Courtesy: NEWS9
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I hv fought at every single opportunity all unjust and and attempt to enslave by present bureaucrats and system.

I hv fought at every single call, every single opportunity all unjust and show down and attempt to enslave by present bureaucrats and system. Hundreds of my work has suffered but I hv never allowed myself to loose my dignity and principles. I may hv been less successful in this materialistic world but avoided chaplusi ( licking), and never failed to raise voice where ever necessary. I hv good number of foes and enemies and frustrated gang of professionals police, bureaucrats. be it . I believe one God and right action is more then a majority. I shall follow same path whole life.
Photo: The Mind Unleashed
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